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Polish Express News Application for Android – the most popular news app for Poles in The UK, has a new, clearer and more user-friendly version. Polish Express News enables its users to follow latest information published on the website, post comments, and contact editorial office.

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Zetha Media – Polish Express publisher, decided to develop an upgrade for Android in the first place as it is the most popular system among the website’s mobile users. „Although the product received good reviews, we decide to freshen it up and introduce more functionality to the application for our most popular website. We put emphasis on enhancing performance and multimedia quality. We have been prioritising mobile services for a long time now, and we are constantly striving for excellence in this field” – said Tomasz Kmiecik, Zetha Media Group CEO.

Apart from state-of-the-art appearance, the application is now more intuitive, especially when it comes to posting comments. Soon similar changes will be introduced to iOS and Windows applications.

Upgraded version of Polish Express News Application for Android is available in Google Play store.

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