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In the middle of December Zetha Media has changed the registered office. The current  company address is:


40 Bloomsbury Way

Lower Ground Floor

London WC1A 2SE

We kindly ask all partners, contractors and suppliers to act on the new data while preparing any accounting documents. All the correspondence should be already directed to the new address.

If you have any questions, please contact Małgorzta Kuwałek Accounts and Office Senior Manager, mail: [email protected], tel: 0203027024


Boxing Day in December 26th is a big sales celebration and the chance to catch some good promotions and discounts. In Zetha Media we give you the opportunity to do the shopping at lower prices right away! Polish Express Newspaper, Lajt Magazine and our online services and have just announced the Pre Boxing Day for December 22nd and December 23rd!

To meet our clients expectations and their marketing plans for 2017 we have prepared the special offer – with up to 30% discount!

The special deal details:

  • by booking a campaign in December 22nd or December 23rd for January, February or March 2017 – 10% discount!
  • by paying in advance for the campaign booked for January, February or March 2017 – up to 30% discount!


Please feel free to contact our sales department at any time: mail: [email protected], tel: 02030266550

Polish Express helps homeless Poles in London

On December 8th starts the periodic charity campaign to help homeless Poles in need living in London. Just like a year ago, “Christmas bag for homeless” is organized  by “Polish Express” and Sylwia Kmita, philanthropist and social activist, winner of the “Polish Hero of the Year” award.

Among the large group of Poles living the ordinary life in the UK, there are also those whom found themselves in a difficult, and even hopeless situation. With no job, no place to live, and without possibility of returning to their homeland.

Fortunately, there are people like Sylvia Kmita, whose determination, big heart and willingness to help “Christmas bag for homeless” exists.

“When Sylvia Kmita came to us last year and asked for help to organize the charity campaign for the homeless Poles in London we knew that it’s an important initiative. We joined her without any hesitation!” – says Ilona Korzeniowska, Editor in Chief of “Polish Express”. “The previous campaign turned out to be a great success. That is why this year we have even bigger plans! Since October editors of “Polish Express” are helping as much as they can with festive enthusiasm” – adds Korzeniowska.

We strongly encourage you to support the charity campaign “Christmas bag for homeless”. Please find the datails on the and soon on posters in Polish stores in London.