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Tomasz Kmiecik will no longer be running ZETHA MEDIA independently

Tomasz KmiecikTomasz Kmieciek – a co-founder and president of the board decided that he will no longer be running ZETHA MEDIA publishing house – the brand which owns the most powerful Polish media in the United Kingdom, independently. Kmiecik decided that he will remain the president of the board, however the position of the CEO was assigned to the former Zetha’s New Media Manager – Anna Godek-Biniasz.
For the last 13 years, Kmiecik has been creating and managing Zetha Media both on strategic and operational level. Within first few years of its operation, the company has quickly gained leading position not only among Polish, but all ethnic media in the UK. With Tomasz Kmiecik as its CEO, the company has been extremely successful since it was launched by Kmiecik and Agnieszka Moryc in London in 2003.
Presently, the company owns two magazines – Polish Express and Panorama, and two websites – and, along with event agency Polska Live!, social media website for Poles in the UK, and classified ads website targeted on British market. Currently, Zetha Media has two divisions – one in London and one in Kraków.
The decision to separate functions of president of the board and CEO was dictated by the dynamic growth of the company and plans to further expand Zetha group – the move that requires creation of new levels of corporate structure. Godek-Biniasz’s promotion poses yet another step on the way to implementation of more transparent structure of the group.
New CEO joined Zetha Media team in August 2014. Within less than a year she managed to successfully launch a new website – She was also an initiator and organiser of Polish Choice – the awards given to Polish and British companies rated the best by Polish consumers in the UK.
Within the scope of her new duties, Godek-Biniasz will manage further development of company’s portfolio and its expansion on the markets outside UK. Due to personal situation of the new CEO who is currently expecting her second child, she will take over all of the business responsibilities in October 2015.
„Positive attitude, creativity, independence and hard work – these are the qualities that we value the most in Zetha Media. At the same time, these are also the qualities that lie at the core of every successful enterprise. Having that in mind, what we take into consideration while deciding on promotions are final results of one’s work, regardless of his or her personal situation. Anna has proven that she is the right person to lead the company towards further successful development, as was Marissa Mayer – Yahoo’s CEO who was also promoted while being heavily pregnant. I always set myself ambitious goals and during the last 13 years I gave this company everything I had. Now is the time to transfer some of the powers in order to let Zetha spread the wings and fly even higher” – says Tomasz Kmiecik.
Agnieszka Moryc – Zetha Media ‘s co-founder and shareholder remains the member of the board.

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