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“Polish Express” summer edition’s new innovations

Despite the relaxed holiday atmosphere, the “Polish Express” editorial team isn’t slowing down. This summer, our readers and clients will find exceptional offers and changes that reflect the UK media and advertising market’s demand. “Polish Express” – as the first and only platform for Poles in the UK – has opened up to the British by issuing its paper weekly supplement in English in 75 000 000 copies, thus having revolutionized the advertising system. It has responded immediately to the changes within the British labour market.

In its English supplement, “Polish Express” publishes not only its current “cover stories” but also hot news from the labour market and business, as well as interviews with businesspeople who have risen above average and developed dynamically on the British market. “Polish Express” readers and advertisers are active on the British labour market, and Zetha, the major UK publisher for Poles, finds it of paramount importance to facilitate and continue to improve communication between the Polish and British employers and job seekers.

In its new summer editions, “Polish Express” emphasises thorough analysis of the labour market, which has doubtlessly changed after Brexit. We are attentive to the needs of Polish and British entrepreneurs and employers as regards the directions the UK labour market is taking, in order to facilitate the understanding of the coming change among the Polish job seekers and holders. But this is not the only change that brings appreciable, tangible advantages both to our readers and advertisers.

In the “Polish Express” vacation editions, we have added a completely new functionality which permits advertisers to add their adverts in optimum modes. Throughout the summer holidays, “Polish Express” and “LAJT Magazine” are offering promotional access to the Strefa.co.uk advertising portal. Advertisers wanting to widen the coverage of their adverts and ensure quicker responses from their target audience are given this exceptional opportunity: each advertisement added at Strefa.co.uk is automatically published in the coming paper edition of  “Polish Express” or “LAJT Magazine”, together with an added photograph. “Polish Express” is the most popular magazine among Poles in the UK. It is also an opinion leader in all important matters regarding the United Kingdom in Polish media.

Thanks to the great involvement of the entire “Polish Express” editorial team you can soon expect further changes to facilitate communication between Polish businesses and the readers of the most preferred magazine among Poles – and now also Brits – in the UK.

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"Polish Express" summer edition’s new innovations
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