Strefa.co.uk and Dyskretne.co.uk now also available in English

From now on Strefa.co.uk and Dyskretne.co.uk advertising services are also available in English. The additional language versions are intended to help English-speaking users navigate the sites and place ads.

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“Polish Express” summer edition’s new innovations

Despite the relaxed holiday atmosphere, the “Polish Express” editorial team isn’t slowing down. This summer, our readers and clients will find exceptional offers and changes that reflect the UK media and advertising market’s demand. “Polish Express” – as the first and only platform for Poles in the UK – has opened up to the British by issuing its paper weekly supplement in English in 75 000 000 copies, thus having revolutionized the advertising system. It has responded immediately to the changes within the British labour market.

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Since mid-June, the Polish-language “Polish Express” weekly has been available in English as well. The publisher is returning to an idea which had been pursued years ago. The change has been introduced for the summertime, but if the English supplement is appreciated, English texts may become a fixed element of the magazine’s weekly issue.

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Strefa.co.uk unveils its new look

Since the beginning of June, a new and improved version of the advertising portal, strefa.co.uk, has been available to Internet users. With the aim of providing the best quality advertisements in the most simplified form possible, the creators of the website have changed not only its appearance, but also what lies at its heart, i.e. the engine on which it was build, which has made searching for ads faster and more precise than ever before.

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Last weekend the Emigration Museum in Gdynia gave out the Maciej Płażyński awards. The awards were received by journalists who have demonstrated adherence to high professional standards with consistency and the utmost of care. In the Polonia editorial office category, the award was presented to the editorial staff of Polish Express.

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It’s our pleasure to announce that at the beginning of this year Zetha Ltd joined the elite group of companies who have received the TRUSTED COMPANY UK certificate. A formal request to join the certification programme was made in 2016. When the application had been positively verified, Zetha Ltd was awarded the TRUSTED COMPANY UK certificate.

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In the middle of December Zetha Media has changed the registered office. The current  company address is:


40 Bloomsbury Way

Lower Ground Floor

London WC1A 2SE

We kindly ask all partners, contractors and suppliers to act on the new data while preparing any accounting documents. All the correspondence should be already directed to the new address.

If you have any questions, please contact Małgorzta Kuwałek Accounts and Office Senior Manager, mail: [email protected], tel: 0203027024


Boxing Day in December 26th is a big sales celebration and the chance to catch some good promotions and discounts. In Zetha Media we give you the opportunity to do the shopping at lower prices right away! Polish Express Newspaper, Lajt Magazine and our online services strefa.co.uk and polacy.co.uk have just announced the Pre Boxing Day for December 22nd and December 23rd!

To meet our clients expectations and their marketing plans for 2017 we have prepared the special offer – with up to 30% discount!

The special deal details:

  • by booking a campaign in December 22nd or December 23rd for January, February or March 2017 – 10% discount!
  • by paying in advance for the campaign booked for January, February or March 2017 – up to 30% discount!


Please feel free to contact our sales department at any time: mail: [email protected], tel: 02030266550

Polish Express helps homeless Poles in London

On December 8th starts the periodic charity campaign to help homeless Poles in need living in London. Just like a year ago, “Christmas bag for homeless” is organized  by “Polish Express” and Sylwia Kmita, philanthropist and social activist, winner of the “Polish Hero of the Year” award.

Among the large group of Poles living the ordinary life in the UK, there are also those whom found themselves in a difficult, and even hopeless situation. With no job, no place to live, and without possibility of returning to their homeland.

Fortunately, there are people like Sylvia Kmita, whose determination, big heart and willingness to help “Christmas bag for homeless” exists.

“When Sylvia Kmita came to us last year and asked for help to organize the charity campaign for the homeless Poles in London we knew that it’s an important initiative. We joined her without any hesitation!” – says Ilona Korzeniowska, Editor in Chief of “Polish Express”. “The previous campaign turned out to be a great success. That is why this year we have even bigger plans! Since October editors of “Polish Express” are helping as much as they can with festive enthusiasm” – adds Korzeniowska.

We strongly encourage you to support the charity campaign “Christmas bag for homeless”. Please find the datails on the www.polishexpress.co.uk and soon on posters in Polish stores in London.

Is your business ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Are you sure …? 100% sure …?

The Black Friday (25th of November) and the Cyber Monday (28th of November) are coming soon. Are you sure you have already made everything to tell your customers about your special offers?

Reach your customers over the ZETHA’s online, offline & social media channels!


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Get OUR 10% discount for the Black Friday’s and the Cyber Monday’s advertising!*


Contact our dedicated advertising expert today:

Łukasz Karkutt (Senior Online & Offline Account Manager), UK Office: 0 20 3026 6550 ext. 7019, Poland Office: 12 374 70 12.

*Please be advised that the offer is limited due to the limited advertising space in each printed issue and the capacity of online advertising users’ acceptance.

A new version of polishexpress.co.uk website!

A new version of polishexpress.co.uk website. Lajt.co.uk site completes the offer of the web portal On 1st of October we launched the new versions of polishexpress.co.uk and lajt.co.uk websites. Mobile phone users also received the opportunity to use the optimized “Polish Express News” application available for Android and iOS.

“The implemented changes are a response to the suggestions and needs of our websites users. In Zetha Media portfolio there are several popular websites which until recently operated independently. Bringing polishexpress.co.uk and lajt.co.uk websites together is the first step on the road to introduce major changes in Group’s products. Soon we plan to release new versions of two other websites: strefa.co.uk advertising service and polacy.co.uk portal”, said Anna Godek – Biniasz, Managing Director of Zetha Media.

“Polish Express” weekly, which has been published for the last 13 years without interruption, is the largest and the most opinion-forming media dedicated for Poles living in the UK. “Polish Express” website is one of the best recognized and most widely read Polish-language media in Great Britain. These facts are confirmed by the ever growing number of visits and by a big number of comments left by users. The publisher puts mobility first – now more than 80 percent of websites’ traffic is generated by mobile devices. Our new websites are fully responsive, while the refreshed application is a natural way to enlarge the audience for the content prepared by our editors.

„LAJT” magazine website was created over a year ago and was based on the old site of the now non-existent „Panorama” weekly. Lajt.co.uk portal presents the news that are a complement to politics and social issues covered in polishexpress.co.uk flagship website and from month to month it gains new loyal users.

“Our lifestyle website lajt.co.uk focuses primarily on the events taking place in the UK. And although we write in Polish, we respond to the needs of people living in the UK and willing to both participate in the life of British celebrities and learn about the new global trends. Before the first issue of “LAJT” magazine was published there had been no such magazine to cover these topics in Polish. But now, fortunately, it’s us to do that job”, said Ilona Korzeniowska, Editor in Chief of “Polish Express” and “LAJT” weeklies.

Zetha Media is the owner of “Polish Express” and “LAJT” weeklies published in the UK as well as of the websites: Polishexpress.co.uk, Lajt.co.uk, Stefa.co.uk and Polacy.co.uk. It also organizes the annual “Polish Choice” contest for Polish businesses in the UK. Our publishing company has operated in the UK since 2005 and so far it has been the largest ethnic media group on British Isles.

Panorama Magazine turns into LAJT Magazine!

At the beginning of July a Polish weekly magazine Panorama, which has been published in the UK since 2007, gained a new face. Surprising information, interesting interviews and important news now presented in larger format – these are just some of the many changes that have been introduced in the new Lajt weekly magazine.

Panorama magazine has changed a lot recently. We abandoned Polish press review for original texts, counsels and interviews and it was a hit! – Changing the title and the format is just a natural and inevitable consequence of the new editorial policy – says Ilona Korzeniowska, Editor-in-Chief of the LAJT Magazine. – We are very pleased with this new quality, because the first reviews are very favorable, and we have a taste for more! – adds Korzeniowska.

The first edition of the Panorama weekly magazine was published in February 2007 and contained reprints of the most popular titles that appeared at that time in Poland. In 2015 the magazine’s logo was refreshed and the internet portal panorama24.co.uk was established, which contained the original publications on lifestyle. On 8th of July 2016 the LAJT Magazine appeared for the first time, and soon a new website lajt.co.uk will be launched.

Previous issues of the Panorama weekly magazine can be downloaded online on: https://issuu.com/panoramamagazine
The new LAJT Magazine will be available from the first issue on: https://issuu.com/lajtmagazine

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