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For the last month we have been testing Instant Articles program on our lifestyle website Panorama24.co.uk. Thanks to this program all materials published by our editors on the site are immediately visible to Facebook users.

Content is no longer redirected to our website so there is no need to wait for the articles to load. Users get them already integrated with Facebook – everything is handed on a plate, there’s no need to click time and time again. The program allows for faster and more interactive content placement. Thanks to Facebook Instant Articles we can reach even wider audiences and we can inform them about important events, which is a priority for us.

The program can only be used on mobile devices. We encourage you all to use the new opportunities offerred on the website Panorama24.co.uk. Please check how does it work on our FanPage!

Video from the Polish Choice of the Year 2016 gala!

Another big gala where Polish customers living in the UK chose the best Polish brands came to an end. After the presentation of the list of the winners, it’s time to release the video from the second Polish Choice of the Year 2016 gala.

In this prestigious contest 41 brands in 10 categories were nominated and among them Internet users chose the companies that enjoy the greatest support. Voting took place throughout the month of March. We invite you to watch the video from the Polish Choice of the Year 2016 gala!

Polish Choice of the Year 2016 – Apply!

The Polish Choice of the Year is a competition in which Polish consumers from the United Kingdom choose and appreciate those brands available on the British market (but not only) that they like, value and consider the most customer-friendly. This competition promotes the best businesses. Businesses that are client-oriented, listen to their needs, and adjust their offer to the requirements of this unique and, at the same time, demanding target group.

And so, the Polish Choice of the Year includes the previous year’s products and services that deserved to be honoured with this noble title the most. It attracts an impressive group of the best brand owners, promoting successful Polish, British and international businesses. This group is constantly growing, offering newcomers an opportunity to build business relations.

Taking part in the competition provides numerous benefits which businesses may enjoy already in the qualification phase or later on, and use these to achieve their business and image goals. These are as follows:

  • Prestige and brand recognition. Recognized brands generate 30% more revenue than unknown ones.
  • Building a strong brand image, which means attracting more customers and increasing future profits.
  • The image of a brand that is recommended and chosen by customers – nothing works better than recommendation and trust.
  • Asking your customers to vote on your business will strengthen your mutual relations.
  • The certificate that you receive is a confirmation of your strong position on the market.
  • Participation in the award ceremony is an opportunity to make interesting business contacts (networking) and share your knowledge and experience.


To take part, a business may apply on its own, or be nominated by the customers. When the list of participants is closed, customers vote via an on-line form choosing the best brands competing in different categories. In 2016, the competition comprises 15 base categories. Also, the Super Polish Choice Of The Year title will be given to the brand that receives the most votes across all the categories.


For more information visit website PolishChoice.co.uk.


New online services publisher at Zetha Ltd – Tomasz Kowalski

Tomasz_KowalskiTomasz Kowalski is a journalist and specialist in SEO, SEM and content marketing. For many years associated with the media environment as an editor and coach. Recently he worked in Wirtualna Polska. Previously, he was assistant editor for the Super Express Online and chief editor in the Polska Press Group for Wiadomości24.pl .

Till July he became new online services publisher at Zetha Ltd.

More informations:

Sabina Psuj

New Media & PR Specialist

[email protected]

Tomasz Kmiecik will no longer be running ZETHA MEDIA independently

Tomasz KmiecikTomasz Kmieciek – a co-founder and president of the board decided that he will no longer be running ZETHA MEDIA publishing house – the brand which owns the most powerful Polish media in the United Kingdom, independently. Kmiecik decided that he will remain the president of the board, however the position of the CEO was assigned to the former Zetha’s New Media Manager – Anna Godek-Biniasz.
For the last 13 years, Kmiecik has been creating and managing Zetha Media both on strategic and operational level. Within first few years of its operation, the company has quickly gained leading position not only among Polish, but all ethnic media in the UK. With Tomasz Kmiecik as its CEO, the company has been extremely successful since it was launched by Kmiecik and Agnieszka Moryc in London in 2003.
Presently, the company owns two magazines – Polish Express and Panorama, and two websites – polishexpress.co.uk and panorama24.co.uk, along with event agency Polska Live!, social media website for Poles in the UK, and classified ads website targeted on British market. Currently, Zetha Media has two divisions – one in London and one in Kraków.
The decision to separate functions of president of the board and CEO was dictated by the dynamic growth of the company and plans to further expand Zetha group – the move that requires creation of new levels of corporate structure. Godek-Biniasz’s promotion poses yet another step on the way to implementation of more transparent structure of the group.
New CEO joined Zetha Media team in August 2014. Within less than a year she managed to successfully launch a new website – panorama24.co.uk. She was also an initiator and organiser of Polish Choice – the awards given to Polish and British companies rated the best by Polish consumers in the UK.
Within the scope of her new duties, Godek-Biniasz will manage further development of company’s portfolio and its expansion on the markets outside UK. Due to personal situation of the new CEO who is currently expecting her second child, she will take over all of the business responsibilities in October 2015.
„Positive attitude, creativity, independence and hard work – these are the qualities that we value the most in Zetha Media. At the same time, these are also the qualities that lie at the core of every successful enterprise. Having that in mind, what we take into consideration while deciding on promotions are final results of one’s work, regardless of his or her personal situation. Anna has proven that she is the right person to lead the company towards further successful development, as was Marissa Mayer – Yahoo’s CEO who was also promoted while being heavily pregnant. I always set myself ambitious goals and during the last 13 years I gave this company everything I had. Now is the time to transfer some of the powers in order to let Zetha spread the wings and fly even higher” – says Tomasz Kmiecik.
Agnieszka Moryc – Zetha Media ‘s co-founder and shareholder remains the member of the board.

More informations:
Sabina Psuj
New Media & PR Specialist
Zetha Media
[email protected]

PANORAMA24.CO.UK – The Best Child Photo Contest



For more information click here: http://www.panorama24.co.uk/najpiekniejszedziecko/

Polish Choice Of The Year 2015 – AWARDS CEREMONY


For more information and admire photographs please refer: Polish Express and Awards Ceremony Photographs

The results of Polish Choice of the Year 2015 are officially known!

Polish Choice Awards Results











Health: Hypoxi South Woodford Ltd


Radko Dental
All Medical Diagnosis
Blue Light Dental Clinic

Food: Pawel’s Dumplings


The Polish Bakery
T&W Bakeries Enterprises Ltd

Places: Karma Ealing Club


Restauracja Light Bite

Work: Fundacja Heart to Heart


NEU Professionals

Education: Społeczna Akademia Nauk


Polskie Szkoły Internetowe Libratus
Centrum Rozwoju Edukacji Alfa i Omega
Perfekt Solutions Ltd
Wilmowski Training Centre

E-services: England.pl


Poczta Kwiatowa
Tłumaczenia 24
Transfer Go

Travel: Transporter Rafał Trojanowski


EBS Transport
Przewozy Oskar
Kuba Transport
DFDS Seaways

Commerce: ANT Builders Merchants Limited


Arsco Trading Sp. z o.o.

Construction and renovation: Goldcrest of London Ltd


ANT Builders Merchants Limited
RS Machinery LTD
Atlas sp. z o.o.

Polish speaking customer service: Profit Tree


Jacek Nowakowski Usługi Pogrzebowe
JWP Consulting
Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie PRZYSTAŃ UK
Hawk Rubbish Clearence Ltd

New product: World Lottery Club


The Polish Bakery

Polish success: ANT Builders Merchants Limited


Peters auto repairs
Polish Village Bread
Natura Polish Artisan Bakery
Targi Medycyny Naturalnej

Polish innovation: Prestige Wrap and Customs


Parkuj z Nami Stansted

SUPER POLISH CHOICE OF THE YEAR 2015: Społeczna Akademia Nauk

POLISH CHOICE of THE YEAR 2015 – voting is closed!

Voting is now closed – the winners will be announced  till Wenesday, 8 April.

For more information – please refer: http://polishchoice.co.uk/news





Polish Express News Application for Android – the most popular news app for Poles in The UK, has a new, clearer and more user-friendly version. Polish Express News enables its users to follow latest information published on the website, post comments, and contact editorial office.

tempFileForShare_2015-03-27-13-41-22 (1) tempFileForShare_2015-03-27-13-43-59 (1) tempFileForShare_2015-03-27-13-44-37 (1)

Zetha Media – Polish Express publisher, decided to develop an upgrade for Android in the first place as it is the most popular system among the website’s mobile users. „Although the product received good reviews, we decide to freshen it up and introduce more functionality to the application for our most popular website. We put emphasis on enhancing performance and multimedia quality. We have been prioritising mobile services for a long time now, and we are constantly striving for excellence in this field” – said Tomasz Kmiecik, Zetha Media Group CEO.

Apart from state-of-the-art appearance, the application is now more intuitive, especially when it comes to posting comments. Soon similar changes will be introduced to iOS and Windows applications.

Upgraded version of Polish Express News Application for Android is available in Google Play store.

Woman’s Day in London – this year on April 26th

Panorama Beauty Fair is one of a kind event for Polish women living in the UK – women interested in latest trends in cosmetics and beauty.

The event have been organised for a couple of years now and each subsequent edition was an enormous success. The key to its popularity is ever-growing number of diverse activities available for participants. Panorama Beauty Fair is the place where you meet Polish health and beauty experts, make new friends and talk about common problems every immigrant women have. Most importantly though, it is a place where you gossip, laugh and hang out with other girls.

Spring edition is taking place on 26th April in Hammersmith. Novotel London West’s Chablis Suite is a perfect venue for inspirational lectures and interesting meetings with qualified experts: beauticians, make up artists, dietitians, doctors and many others.

Each guest will also have an opportunity to win valuable prizes: eyelashes lengthening treatment, hair makeover, professional evening makeup and sets of cosmetics. What is more, Polish cosmetic companies have provided free products for every member of the audience.

Useful information:

Panorama Beauty Fair is taking place on 26th April, from 10 to 7 p.m. in Novotel London West, 1 Shortlands W6 8DR London (5 minute walk from Hammersmith station).


Entrance fee:£14.9 per person. Tickets are available online: www.dziewczyny.co.uk (limited availability, applications will be handled on a first-come-first-service basis).

The price of the ticket covers entrance fee, free gifts from Eveline, Eris and Dax Cosmetics, and free samples.


Contact person:

Ilona Zimmer ([email protected] 24.co.uk)