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“Polish Express” summer edition’s new innovations

Despite the relaxed holiday atmosphere, the “Polish Express” editorial team isn’t slowing down. This summer, our readers and clients will find exceptional offers and changes that reflect the UK media and advertising market’s demand. “Polish Express” – as the first and only platform for Poles in the UK – has opened up to the British by issuing its paper weekly supplement in English in 75 000 000 copies, thus having revolutionized the advertising system. It has responded immediately to the changes within the British labour market.

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Since mid-June, the Polish-language “Polish Express” weekly has been available in English as well. The publisher is returning to an idea which had been pursued years ago. The change has been introduced for the summertime, but if the English supplement is appreciated, English texts may become a fixed element of the magazine’s weekly issue.

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Last weekend the Emigration Museum in Gdynia gave out the Maciej Płażyński awards. The awards were received by journalists who have demonstrated adherence to high professional standards with consistency and the utmost of care. In the Polonia editorial office category, the award was presented to the editorial staff of Polish Express.

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Panorama Magazine turns into LAJT Magazine!

At the beginning of July a Polish weekly magazine Panorama, which has been published in the UK since 2007, gained a new face. Surprising information, interesting interviews and important news now presented in larger format – these are just some of the many changes that have been introduced in the new Lajt weekly magazine.

Panorama magazine has changed a lot recently. We abandoned Polish press review for original texts, counsels and interviews and it was a hit! – Changing the title and the format is just a natural and inevitable consequence of the new editorial policy – says Ilona Korzeniowska, Editor-in-Chief of the LAJT Magazine. – We are very pleased with this new quality, because the first reviews are very favorable, and we have a taste for more! – adds Korzeniowska.

The first edition of the Panorama weekly magazine was published in February 2007 and contained reprints of the most popular titles that appeared at that time in Poland. In 2015 the magazine’s logo was refreshed and the internet portal was established, which contained the original publications on lifestyle. On 8th of July 2016 the LAJT Magazine appeared for the first time, and soon a new website will be launched.

Previous issues of the Panorama weekly magazine can be downloaded online on:
The new LAJT Magazine will be available from the first issue on:

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