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POLISH CHOICE OF THE YEAR 2015 – registration process has begun

POLISH CHOICE is an unique opportunity for Polish consumers from the United Kingdom to choose the brands they like, appreciate and consider consumer-friendly. For the first time, entrepreneurs, contractors and producers who target Poles living in the UK with their services and products will receive the token of their clients’ gratitude.

First edition of POLISH CHOICE OF THE YEAR 2015 concerns the services and products available on the British market that in the bygone year 2014 earned an honorable right to bear the POLISH CHOICE title. Registration process started on February 1st, and the entries from the companies, as well as from the clients, who wish to nominate their favorite company, brand or the entrepreneur present on the British market. Afterwards, from all of the entries, the nominees in the 16 categories will be chosen and the voting will begin. Internet users will be able to cast their votes between 1st and 31st March. Those who will decide to choose their favorite brand will have an opportunity to win valuable prizes, funded by the sponsors and competing firms. In 2015, there are 11 base and 5 additional categories. Also, the title of SUPER POLISH CHOICE OF THE YEAR will be awarded to the brand which will gain the biggest number of votes among all the categories.

Polish companies, Polish workers, our products and services are highly valued not only among Poles living in the UK, but also British people and representatives other nations who buy or use Polish products and services on daily basis. We cannot let the Polish value and the work ethic, for which we are known for, to remain unnoticed. On the other hand, some of the British companies started to appreciate Polish consumers and target them with their products and services. We quickly realized that both of these trends require wider consideration by media, and by the clients who rarely have an opportunity to express how much they like their favorite brand. This is why we came up with the idea for the award. We hope that POLISH CHOICE OF THE YEAR will become an important position on entrepreneurs’ agenda of annual events. I am certain that the POLISH CHOICE statuette and the certificate will become a recognizable and valuable quality mark, not only in the UK but also Poland, Europe and around the world” – says Zetha Media CEO,Tomasz Kmiecik.

The event is organized by Zetha Media. The winners of POLISH CHOICE OF THE YEAR awards will be given statuettes and certificates as a proof of their distinguished position on the products list endorsed by the Polish brands community in the UK. The winners are going to be chosen in April 2015. Honorary patronage over the event was taken by: British Polish Chamber of Commerce and PBLink. Among the media patrons are: Polish Express magazine, polishexpress.co.uk, Panorama magazine,panorama24.co.uk, strefa.co.uk and polacy.co.uk. Te voting will be supervised by Lexito Legal Office.

More information and application form is available here: www.polishchoice.co.uk

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POLISH CHOICE OF THE YEAR 2015 – registration process has begun
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