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Our aim is to create a multimedia platform connecting all Polish people living and working in the United Kingdom. We provide information and help. We dig deeper. We know what is buzzing in the UK.

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ZETHA Media – who is behind all that?

Professionals and enthusiasts – only those two words apply to all of our team members. There are no more similarities between them, because in our work we put emphasis on individualism. Differences breed the best ideas, which we are never short of.

Tomasz Kmiecik

Tomasz Kmiecik President of the Board

Founder and President of the Board of Zetha Media. The man behind Polska LIVE!, Polacy.co.uk and Strefa.co.uk. The visionary, who puts emphasis on the Internet, has been active on the British market for 12 years. He believes that jogging…

Barbara Mirowska

Barbara Mirowska Polish Express Editor

Polish Express editor, graduated in philosophy. She does not judge others, she just provides philosophical analyses of reality. Recognizes false notes in politicians’ voices with ease. Great writer with enormous imagination. She designs clothes and does tai-chi…

Marcin Batko

Marcin Batko Online Product Team Leader

Actor, teacher, engineer, but first and foremost, online advertising specialist. He can name all of the world’s capitol cities, enthusiastic biker and the the lover of female beauty. Handles everything lightly and with a smile – the word „problem” does…

Karolina Zawojska

Karolina Zawojska Marketing Coordinator

She cares about proper functioning of the company’s administration. Human resources and accountancy are the most important parts of her daily life. Mission impossible? Not for her! After work she devotes her time to a few passions like: motorization, new media and running. The word “boredom” does not exist in her dictionary!

Marek Piotrowski

Marek Piotrowski Polish Express Editor

Fisherman, who loves good crime and science fiction films. Although nobody suspects him of it, he takes Argentine tango classes. If you ask him about his three greatest passions, he’ll answer…

Agnieszka Moryc

Agnieszka Moryc Member of the Board

Founder, CEO and CFO in Zetha Media, has been active on the British market since 2003. She was the first editor-in-chief and the author of Polish Express’ success. In her free time she is a keen woodworker.

Agnieszka Nowicka

Agnieszka Nowicka Polish Express Editor

Agnieszka informs readers about the most important political events – she knows Great Britain perfectly! She is a passionate traveler who explores atmosphere of the place and the local community. A devout cyclist, sports fan and a big fan of soul music and country.

Łukasz Karkutt

Łukasz Karkutt Senior Account Manager

Loves fast cars and good wine. Has a good sense of fashion. His smile lightens up even the most cloudy day. A true globetrotter – loves to travel, brings something tasty from every journey. Łukasz always speaks common language with…

Rafał Fraś

Rafał Fraś New Media & Marketing Specialist

Rafał Fraś – Buddhist, perfectly combines passion for martial arts with issues related to the Internet and New Media. For him there’s no such thing as an unattainable goal, because he believes that there is always a way to achieve this goal…

Cezary Niewadzisz

Cezary Niewadzisz Polish Express Editor

He was born on the same day as Sarita Choudhury ­ a British actress of Indian origin and Kang Soo­yeon ­ a South Korean actress. If you don’t know them, don’t be surprised that He is not known either, because that day was probably not the day of birth of stars or celebrities.

Anna Godek-Biniasz

Anna Godek-Biniasz CEO

CEO in Zetha Media , previously worked with start-ups and radio. Marketing communication her calling. Her free time is usually non-existant, but when she does have it, she likes to bike, hike or read…

Jakub Oleksak

Jakub Oleksak Polish Express Editor

A big sports fan, who publishes all the sports news on the pages of “Polish Express”. Brave discoverer of furthest corners of Websites. Organized, but neurotic, in life he is guided by his principles. He loves to run before sunrise and loves French literature.

Mateusz Wiatkowski

Mateusz Wiatkowski Account Executive

A declared libertarian. An economist and administrative law attorney. In everything he does he strives for professionalism. Each client is important to him, and this certainly contributes to the satisfaction of all those who cooperate with him.

Piotr Olszowski

Piotr Olszowski Art Director Polish Express

Tough guy with a heart of gold. He seems rather harsh, but in reality he would help  everyone in need. He is no diplomat – always speaks his mind. Graphic designer, who sometimes takes photos and loves to roller skate…

Jakub Mróz

Jakub Mróz Polish Express Editor

A lover of the new technologies, the old­school British cars and all kinds of motorsports. Expert in the history of the British Royal Family and the new trends in men’s fashion. He loves travelling, but his beloved place is London.

Ilona Korzeniowska

Ilona Korzeniowska Polish Express Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-chief of Polish Express, graduated in political sciences. She never gives up and shares her untamed spirit with everyone around. Feisty character hidden in etheral blonde’s looks. Life and soul of every party. Loves fashion, British…

Mateusz Tomanek

Mateusz Tomanek LAJT Junior Editor

Mateusz Tomanek – A true artist, who decided to use one of his many talents to write for the “LAJT” magazine. After work he is strongly connected to the world of music. He plays the clarinet, the piano and the accordion…

Konrad Franasowicz

Konrad Franasowicz Account Executive

Konrad is an artistic and romantic soul, but when it comes to work – he keeps his feet firmly on the ground. He is professional and creative when dealing with clients. Excately the same way he develops his passion for making rap and electro music. Konrad is a winner type of person. He never gets discouraged and he is consistent in pursuing his aims.

Damian Łęcki

Damian Łęcki Art Director LAJT

Best described by „goth” and „barbican-like”, meaning he is tall but a bit chubby. In his pursuit of excellence he even became a fan of flat design and ultralight fonts. His free time usually passes in reggae style, which is not that obvious judging…

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